Action: In Search Type, select Order, then in Search Categories, select Company Criteria > Dates > Last Order Sales Date > Over 3 Months Ago and then click Add.

Expected Result: The Search Tree should display your selections. If Auto-Execute is selected, the search results should display some orders. If not, click Execute to display your results.

Action: In Schedule Contact Activity click Modify Contact Activity Template. A new window should appear.

Enter “VIP Missing Calls” in the description line and select an employee to assign the activity to. Select a date and enter a duration time. Click OK to go back to the Schedule Contact Activity window.

Expected Result: Contact Activities to call these companies should be scheduled. You can see the scheduled activities by viewing the employee's calendar. (Shown below)

Action: Select a few orders that are in WIP to change the status of. In Change Status, select Built in the Status field and check the box “Leave Station as is” and click execute.

Expected Result: Selected orders should change from WIP to Built.



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