Family pricing allows the summing of a variable in all line items of the same family. Family pricing in Control is a mechanism that allows you to link pricing between different line items. This is primarily used for linking discounts between similar products (in the same family of products) though it is not limited to discounting.

Note: Recursive calculations will generate errors, so avoid summing a field that is already summed!

Common Uses for Pricing Families

Some common uses for pricing families we have observed:

  • Applying a discount based on the total volume of digital printing across multiple line items (rather than each line item applying a discount only on its individual area).
  • Applying a discount for the number of similar trophies ordered (and not just of one exact type)
  • Applying a discount for the number of banners ordered (and not just of one exact type)
  • Summing up expected freight for an order.
Setting a Pricing Family

Every product can be in exactly one pricing family. You can create as many pricing families as you want to group. To assign a product to a particular pricing family, edit the product and select the pricing family on the first tab. You can easily create new pricing families from the “Pricing Families” section of pricing setup.

Using Family Variable Values
Using Total Variable Values
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