*Note: This feature is available in versions 04.50.1103.2201 and later

The fulfillment feature enhances Cyrious Control's use in the printing, screen-print, ADA, and membrane switch industries. Due to the high setup time/cost associated with some production in these industries, it is often more economical to print/create a large number of a product at one time and store it until it is needed.

Satisfying fulfillment in Cyrious is done with two new features:

· Adding the ability to add a part on-the-fly from Order Entry. This is referred to as “In-Order Part Creation”.

· Adding the ability for an order to know to ADD to inventory instead of pull from it. This is referred to as “Producing for Inventory.”

In-Order Part Creation

In-order part creation refers to the ability for a user entering an order to create a new

part in-process. There is a similar (but mutually-exclusive) option that would change the option in the selection list from '(add to/edit selection list)' to '(new inventoried part)' or '(new non-inventoried part)'.

Producing for Inventory (PFI)

In a “Produce for Inventory” (PFI) line item, rather than consume a particular part the inventory is replenished for that part. This is helpful if you are manufacturing a sub-assembly, finished good inventory, or for fulfillment. Any line item may be used for PFI. It is the particular part link that knows if it is being used for consumption or replenishment. This setting, however, can not be adjusted manually or set in a manually added part.


  1. Create a part that will serve as a template during in-order part creation.
  2. Create / Modfiy a selection list to produce inventory for selected parts
  3. Link the selection list to a product using a variable.
  4. Create an order using the product to create a PFI order.
    • No part usage may be assigned to a part being used for replenishment on an order. This part should not show up in the part selection list for time-clock and adding part usage.
    • A line item may have more than one PFI part specified. This is discouraged because it may lead to confusion, but is supported by the software.
  5. Mark the order Sale to update inventory.
    • Inventory is only replenished / produced when an order is marked Sale.
    • Immediately after an order is marked Sale (and any resulting costs were created/assigned), the inventory is replenished using the following rules:
      • The inventory quantity is increased by the Qty Replenish value (the result of the Replenishment Formula on the part link).
      • The Replenish Cost is used for the increased inventory (which is determined from the Produced Inventory Value Formula on the part link). This value is recomputed after the line item is Sale in case it includes references to actual costs.
      • This feature only applies to parts that track inventory. If a specified part does not track inventory, no adjustment is made and no error is generated.
      • No cost or quantity adjustments to inventory are ever made other than the one-time marking of the order to Sale.
      • An additional activity is created for produced inventory. If 10 widgets are produced from this order, the activity's description will display “10 Widgets Produced for Inventory”.

Cyrious wants business cards with gold borders and the company logo. When an employee needs business cards, the employee's name only needs to be added to these shells. To address this in Control, the following setup steps are needed:

1. Part Setup

First. create a part template that will used during the in-order part creation process. This template will provide all the necessary information for the business cards.

  1. Navigate to Setup » Pricing Setup » All Pricing Setup.
  2. Choose the Part Setup item.
  3. Select the Materials category in the parts tree.
  4. Click the New Part Sub-Category button.
  5. Name the new category Business Cards.
  6. Save the category.
  7. Click the New Part button.
  8. Name the part Blank Business Card.
  9. Uncheck Use Category Defaults.
  10. Check Track Costs and Track Inventory.
  11. Click on the Costs tab.
  12. Set the costs to $0.20 ea.
  13. Click on the Accounting tab.
  14. Select the Expense and Inventory accounts.
  15. Save the part.

2. Selection List Setup

Next, setup a selection list to produce inventory for the business card part. The selection list will flag the order that the associated part will be produced when the order is marked Sale. For an explanation of the setup screen, click this link: replenishing_part_selection_list.

  1. Navigate to Setup » Pricing Setup » All Pricing Setup.
  2. Go to the Selection Lists item under Supporting Components.
  3. Click the New List Category button.
  4. Name the category Business Cards.
  5. Save the category.
  6. Click the New List button.
  7. Name the list Company Business Cards.
  8. Check This selection list specifies a part being replenished … .
  9. The Show (new inventoried part) and Show (new non-inventoried part) items will now be enabled. Check Show (new inventoried part).
  10. In drop-down under Start by cloning this part when adding new parts:, select Blank Business Card.
  11. Click Insert Row » Add Dynamic Part Category
  12. Select the Business Cards category.
  13. In the list item grid, scroll to the right to the Produced Inventory Value F(x) and GL Adjustment Account columns.
  14. For the Dynamic Link - Business Cards item, select an account for the GL Adjustment Account field.
  15. Set the Replenishment F(x) value to Quantity.
  16. Save the selection list.

3a. Variable Setup

Create a new list variable that will server as a link for the selection list to the product.

  1. Navigate to Setup » Pricing Setup » All Pricing Setup.
  2. Go to the Variables item under Supporting Components.
  3. Click the New Variable Category button.
  4. Name the category Business Cards.
  5. Click the New Variable button.
  6. Name the variable Business_Cards.
  7. Set the Variable Type to List.
  8. Select Company Business Cards for the Default List.
  9. Save the variable.

3b. Product Setup

Create a new or edit an existing product and add the variable to the product. Create a new or edit an existing pricing form and add a DesignerCombobox and set the VariableName to Business_Cards.

4. Creating the Order with PFI Line Items

Now that the pricing components are setup, create an order that will produce the gold bordered business cards with the logo.

  1. Create a new order with the “PFI” product.
  2. Set the Quantity to 10.
  3. In the drop down linked to the Business_Cards variable, select (new inventoried part).
    • A dialog will appear requesting information for the newly created part.
    • The new part is a copy of the Blank Business Cards part (selected in the Start by cloning this part when adding new parts section of the Company Business Cards selection list.)
    • The dialog provides an option to edit the full part, which will open the part setup entry screen, if more information needs to be changed.
  4. Name the new part Gold Bordered Cards.
  5. Click OK on the dialog.
  6. View the parts tab for the line item
    • In the parts grid, 4 new columns are visible with the replenishment information: Qty Replenish, OV - Qty Replenish, Replenish GL Account, Replenish Cost. View the Parts tab section on this wiki for more information: users_manual_ch_11-estimates_orders_and_service_tickets.
    • The Qty Replenish value is 10 (the Replenishment F(x) is set to use the value of Quantity).
    • The Replenish Cost is $0.20. (The value is calculated by the Produced Inventory Value F(x) in the selection list. This formula is set to TotalCost.)
  7. Save the order after filling in all required information.

5. Producing Inventory

  1. Mark the order Sale.
    • An inventory adjustment shows in the Activities tab with this description: 10 Gold Bordered Cards Produced for Inventory.
  2. View the Gold Bordered Cards part in Part Setup.
  3. View the Inventory tab.
    • The Quantity Billed value is 10. The Quantity Billed was increased by the Qty Replenish in the order.

Contributor: Development

Date: 03/23/2011

Version: Control 04.50.1103.2201

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