One of the nice customizations that Dashboards provide is the ability to create shortcuts to commonly used actions in Control. Did you know that you can create a shortcut to any Internet address also.

Control allows you to add a web link as a dashboard shortcut. You can add almost any valid URI.URI = Uniform Resource Identifier. See the wikipedia entry on File URI scheme for more information on URIs and URI syntax.

  1. Open or create a Dashboard.
  2. Add a Shortcut instrument.
    • Click on the Add Instrument button, then choose General and Shortcut.
  3. Move the shortcut instrument to where you would like it.
  4. Click on the edit link at the top right of the dashboard instrument. This will open the instrument editor.
  5. Add a new URL shortcut.
    • Click on the Add* button, and choose URL. - Enter the Shortcut Caption to appear on the menu. - Enter a mouse-over hint if desired. - Enter the URI. - If you want the new browser window to open up as a Control window, check the box Open Webpage Inside of Control**. Otherwise, the link will open in your default browser.

Contributor: Team Cyrious

Date: 03/2010

Version: Control 4.0+

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