The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how to force a price per square foot override using a modifier.

Basic Discussion of Approach

Warning or areas where the approach might not work as expected

  1. Create the modifier, name it SQFTOverride.
  2. Define your Question/Label something like “SqrFt Override:”
  3. Default entry option should be a numeric spinner.
  4. Go to PRODUCTS tab and add which ever product(s) you wish to add the modifier to.
  5. You may ignore other tabs, SAVE modifier.

WARNING: The next step will involve editing the systems default pricing plan. Carelessly editing the pricing formula can affect pricing in negative ways. If you have any questions, contact implementation services before proceeding.

  1. Go to whichever product you added the modifier to: Setup\System Setup\All Pricing Setup\Products
  2. For this example, we are using Roll Sign Print.
  3. Click on the products PRICING tab.
  4. Select EDIT.
  • By default, the Formula will appear as this:


  • Adding the code to use the modifier to override the square foot price, the code would look like this:

code format=sql

if MODIFIERVALUE(“SQFTOverride”) 0 then printedarea in unitarea * MODIFIERVALUE(“SQFTOverride”) else

IF ListPriceValue(PricingMethod) = 1 then

AreabasedPrice + AreaBasedMountingPrice + AreaBasedCuttingPrice + AreabasedLaminatePrice

+ AreabasedFinishingPrice

Else PartBasedPrice EndIf


  • As you can see, we have just added an IF statement before the original formula, and the ENDIF at the bottom. The rest of the formula remains unchanged.

This document is complete.

Contributor: Peter, Cyrious Date: 12/01/2010 Version: Control 4.5

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