This How-To will help you to import multiple addresses for use on the Shipment Tab. You can also view training videos outlining this feature on the customer website; log into and click Training on the main menu, then 3. Basic Training on the submenu.

Sometimes a customer will have an order that they want shipped to multiple addresses, and creating a shipment for say, 20 different addresses, can be very tedious. Cyrious has provided a way for these addresses to be imported and shipments created for each one instead of creating each one individually.

If your import file does not contain one of the required columns, none of the addresses will be imported, so check that everything is included before performing this action.

1. Check that your import file has the supported column names; the first row must contain column headers. You can use either a tab delimited (TXT) or comma delimited (CSV) file. The supported columns are: (* denotes a required column)

  • Company - Name of the company being shipped to
  • Contact - Contact name the shipment is going to
  • Address1* - 1st line of the address
  • Address2 - 2nd line of the address if needed
  • AddressName* - Name of the address
  • City* - City the shipment is going to
  • State* - State the shipment is going to
  • PostalCode* - Zip code the shipment is going to
  • Email - Email address of the contact person for the shipment
  • Phone - Phone number of the contact person for the shipment
  • Country - Country the shipment is going to
  • County - County the shipment is going to
  • TaxClass - The tax class of the shipment's address
  • DueDate - The due date of the shipment
  • ShippedDate - The shipped date of the shipment
  • ActualCost - The actual cost of the shipment
  • EstimatedCost - The estimated cost of the shipment
  • NumberOfPackages - The number of packages of the shipment
  • PackageSize - The package size of the shipment
  • PackageWeight - The package weight of the shipment
  • TrackingNumber - The tracking number of the shipment
  • Notes - The notes of the shipment
  • LineItem001 - Number of items from this Line Item that will be included in the shipment
  • LineItem002 - Number of items from this Line Item that will be included in the shipment
  • LineItem003 - Number of items from this Line Item that will be included in the shipment

2. Open an Order that has items to be shipped to many different locations and go to the Shipping Tab.

3. Click Edit on the Action toolbar, then click the Import Addresses button. In the Import Shipment Addresses popup, choose your import file in the Source field, then fill out the remaining fields if desired. Make sure to select the correct Source Files Delimiter. Click OK, and you will get a confirmation popup saying Import Complete.

4. You should then have a shipment created for each address you imported. If you did not use the columns for line items to bring in those quantities, you will still need to fill those in for each shipment.

Here is a sample tab delimited import file so you can see what information is included.

{{ :sample_shipping_import_file.csv|}}

Contributor: Tisha White, Cyrious Software

Date: 7/21/2011

Version: Control 4.5.1107.2101 and later

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