How To Manage Order From Explorer

Describes the wide variety of actions possible to take on an order from the Explorer view as, for example, found in Dashboards.

There are multiple changes which need to be made to an order once created. Due Dates change, Status, Stations and stages change, UDFs need to be edited or changed, etc., etc. Most of this can be done without “Opening” the order but by right-clicking on a defined order. We have found Associates who have been using Cyrious for several years who were unaware of these capabilities. They are powerful and time-saving.


  1. Create an Explorer window or go to a dashboard which has a list of Orders, Estimates, Companies, Contacts, etc. Right click and check out all the things you can change, edit and modify. The screen shot below shows the result when right clicking on an Order in a Dashboard display with the Order Options flyout displayed.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie, Acorn Sign Graphics
Date: 3/18/20011
Version: Control 4._

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