Control Server Swap Installation

These are the steps to move the server installation of Control onto a new computer.

  1. Installation Disk (or download the installation executable from the Cyrious Customer Website)
  2. Installation Password
  3. Security Key (Security Dongle)
  4. NOTICE!!! Backup of these files before doing anything:
    1. StoreData.mdf and StoreData.ldf SQL Server Database

These files contains all the actual database tables which store your customer, contacts, order, estimates, etc. By default these files are located under C:\Program Files\Cyrious\Control\ however based on where you chose to install Cyrious the path may be different. Also, the names of these may have changed if you have more than 1 database or the files have been altered for some other reason. Seek assistance from technical support if you need assistance with finding that information within SQL Server.

b. Any Customized Reports or Folders containing Customized Reports

This is a critical file if you have purchased a customized report(s). We do not retain copies of your customized reports. So if you do not copy this folder/report you may have to pay to have them recreated.

These are steps provide a general overview of the tasks required to perform a server swap. These steps assume you have an understanding of working with networking permissions, shares, and maintaining SQL Server databases via Microsoft Management Studio.

  1. Shutdown Control on all computers. Shutdown the SSLIP, CHAPI, CDAS and HomeGate on the old server.
  2. Important Note: Do you have a “Paid” version of SQL Server? If so, please install SQL Server on the new server using the instance name “CYRIOUS”.
  3. Install Control on the New Server.
  4. Move the security key from the old server to the new server. The drivers for this security key should have auto-installed with the control installation, if they did not you can download them from, go under Support and HASP 4 for the end-user downloads.
  5. Delete the StoreData.mdf and StoreData.ldf from the C:\Program Files\Cyrious\Control\ folder on the new server. You are deleting these files so they do not interfere with the database you backed up.
  6. Restore the database you backed up from the original server.
  7. Start the SSLIP on the new server and verify you can open Control on the new server and all your data appears to be present.
  8. Reinstall the client installation of Cyrious Control on all other systems. This will map the Control shortcut on their machines to the new server.

If you plan to throw away the old computer, Cyrious recommends pulling the hard drive from the computer and destroying it or storing it in a secure place. This is recommended because your database may contain confidential data such as credit card numbers, etc.

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