If you pay employees via Direct Deposit or some other online mechanism, you can still use Control to calculate the payroll amount but you will not want Control to print actual checks. This How-To describes how you can easily set up Control to accomodate this scenerio.

The basic steps to achieve this task are:

  1. In the employee payroll setup page, set the employee to not print paychecks. (This option was added in Control 4.4.)
  2. Process Payroll
  3. Print checks for those who get a “physical” check.
  4. If you want a hard-copy “faux check”, reprint the checks and print the direct deposit checks on blank paper.
  1. Go into Employee Setup.
  2. For each direct deposit employees:
    • Go to the Payroll Information tab and check the “Do not print actual payroll check” option.
    • Enter the text you would like to show on the payroll check. By default, “Online” is supplied.
  3. Process payroll.
    • Note the column at the end of the payroll grid that says “Check Number”. The checks to print should say “To Print” while the others will indicate what you put in the employee record.
    • Alter any of these checks if necessary.
    • Continue processing payroll.
  4. After processing payroll, the Checks to Print dialog will appear. This will print all checks for employees that have the “Do not print actual payroll check” option turned off. Click OK.
  5. After printing the actual checks, the Special Checks to Print dialog reappears with the direct deposit employee checks. Select the checks you wish to print and click OK. These checks will be printed with the “Online” check number and a “non-negotiable” watermark.

Contributor: Cyrious Software

Date: 10/28/2009

Version: Control 4.4

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