Once shipment information for an order exists in its shipping tab, it can be mapped to auto-populate the cost of a shipping line item

  • Navigate to 'Setup' –> 'Pricing Setup' –> 'All Pricing Setup'
  • Select 'Product Setup' in the left column, and in the center column expand 'Shipping & Delivery' and select the product 'Shipping'
  • Select the 'Variable' tab
  • On the far right side of the screen, click 'Edit'
  • In the third column, expand 'Shipping/Packaging' and select 'ShippingCost'. Click 'Override' at the top of the column if the option appears
  • To the right of the columns in the 'Default' field, check the 'Use Formula' checkbox.
  • Click the 'fx' button to the right of the formula text box
  • Expand 'Transheader' and select 'ShippingActualCost'
  • Click 'Save' on the far right of the screen
  • Add the 'Shipping' Product as a line item into an order with information in the shipping tab

At this point the line item should pull the correct shipping costs and insert it into the new Shipping line item you have created. These costs should now be included in the Total of the order

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