More and more users are using GMail for their corporate mail. Unfortunately, GMail only supports SSL (secure) connections. Many websites, printers, faxes, etc. that can send simple emails do not support SSL. Cyrious' WebView can support SSL, but paying for, installing, and maintaining the security certificate is a bit excessive for this simple website.

GMail provides an unofficial work-around. You can use a non-SSL connection to send email to GMail provided you are sending it to your own domain. That is, if you authenticate at you could send an email to but not

Fill in the following name:

  • Use the SMTP Server:
  • Port: 25
  • User Name: your gmail account nameCyrious recommends you set up a separate email account for sending to GMail that is restricted by Google to only sending within your domain. That way, if the GMail user name and password the website is using is compromised, the email account can't be used to send spam unbeknownst to you.
  • Password: your gmail password
  • Though Cyrious has been successful without it internally, many web pages indicate you have to set up your MX record or some other DNS record for this to work.


Contributor: Cyrious Software

Date: 12/2011

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