Keyboard shortcuts can be used to increase the efficiency in which you perform common tasks within Control by reducing the amount of mouse clicks.

Keyboard Shortcut Listing

ActionKeyboard Shorcut
Change Status to BuiltCtrl+Alt+B
Change Status to SaleCtrl+Alt+S
Close Any Open WindowCtrl+F4
Complete Any ActivityCtrl+D
Create New CompanyCtrl+U
Create New EstimateCtrl+Q
Create New OrderCtrl+O
Edit Any RecordCtrl+E
Keyboard PopupCtrl+Y
Lock Screen of ControlCtrl+K
Login OtherCtrl+A
Logout of ControlCtrl+L
Open About Control …Ctrl+I
Open Activity ManagerCtrl+G
Open Cyrious Web BrowserCtrl+Shift+W
Open ExplorerCtrl+F
Open Payment EntryCtrl+M
Open Quick ReportsCtrl+R
Open Time ClockCtrl+T
Save Any Record In Edit ModeCtrl+S
Save Transaction as EstimateCtrl + Shift + Q
Save Transaction as OrderCtrl+Shift+O
Save Transaction as Recurring OrderCtrl + Shift + T
UnLock ControlCtrl+U


Contributor: Brandon, Cyrious

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