There are some printers that are also usable as a cutter for a material. Rather than having to create the same part twice, we can make it so that the cutter information is stored on the printer part and that it appears in the list for cutting without having to create a identical part for it in the Cutter category.

Add the Cutter UDF's to the printer part, and then add that part to the selection list through a normal link rather than a dynamic one.


Incorrect Costs if Cutter information is entered incorrectly.

Adding Cutter UDF's

  1. Go to Setup → Pricing Setup → All Pricing Setup
  2. Click on Part Setup
  3. Expand Equipment → Digital / Large Format Printers
  4. Click on the Printer that's to be a cutter also.
  5. Click on Edit, then go to the Advanced Tab
  6. On the right side, under the “Show these UDF Layout Tabs” box, click the checkbox for “Cutters”.
  7. Click on the newly added Cutters Tab, and enter in the relevant information for the cutter values for this part
  8. Save when Done

Adding Cutter Part to Cutter List

  1. Go to Setup→ Pricing Setup → All Pricing Setup
  2. Click on Selection Lists
  3. Expand Cutter, and click on “FlatStock_Cutters”
  4. Click on Edit, then “Insert Row” (The button itself, not the arrow next to it)
  5. Fill in the information for the Printer
    • Under Text, enter the name of the printer
    • Under Part, click the Elipse (…) and go through and select the part we edited for the first stop
    • Make sure the “Use Parent Default F(x)” box next to the Consumption F(x) field is checked
    • Make sure the “Use Parent Default F(x)” box next to the Consumption Unit field is checked
  6. Click on Save

Whenever you do an order now, when you check the Cut Method list, the printer that was added through this method will now show on the list. If you're using the same part for printing and cutting, the part will show twice, each for it's respective job.

Contributor: kking, cyrious (optional)

Date: 7/28/2010

Version: Control 4.x

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