The fact that users can manually enter values in a pricing form which “override” the calculated value can be problematic as the formula for that variable is permanently disabled; so future changes to other parts of the Pricing Form which would change that value are rendered inoperative. A user returning to the form at a later time or another user editing the form might not know this has happened and an incorrect Estimate or Work Order is then created. Or even if he knows it is overridden, he may not know the algorithm to calculate the “correct” value. This page describes how to set up a cfl_ch_5-variables in a pricing form so that the user will see visually that it has been overridden and restore it to the calculated value, i.e. a user has made a direct entry which has “overridden” a formula or value created by Cyrious, and be able to restore it to the original or formula-based value. Cyrious provides an exceptionally valuable and easy “tool” to make this possible.

Often there are variables on a pricing form which are calculated by a formula. Unless the object on the form has been set to Read Only the user can override these values with a direct entry (For Text variables the read only does not prevent overriding them). This can cause problems if the user made the entry in error, if the form is cloned with the overridden value, or if you change your mind. One frequent use we make of calculated values is to have Cyrious fill in the description line based on selections on the form. The user can then add a brief preface to the statement or leave as is. Typically, for a calculated description like “8 x 10 in 1/16 in Polymer,” we add a preface like “Sign Type A:” 8“ x 10” in 1/16 in Polymer. When the line item is cloned the automated description fill will no longer work. We use this method to restore it to an accurate description for the current product. Note that Cyrious uses essentially this same method in the Pricing Form override which you see when you click on the base prices button on a pricing form.


  1. Navigate to the pricing_ch_18-pricing_forms where the cfl_ch_5-variables is located for which you want to set a retrievable override and note the name attached to that cfl_ch_5-variables..
  2. Select the Yes/No Object from the Edit Tab selections and place that immediately beside your variable. To reduce it to just the size you need to show only the checkbox, you can set the Width at the bottom of the Properties list to 18. Erase the Default Caption. Next go to the Property named “Displayed Info”. and scroll to the selection labeled “pmdParamIsOverridden”. Select that.
  3. Next go the Variable Property at the bottom of the list and select the Variable/Parameter name of the variable you wish to make restorable.
  4. Save the Pricing form. When you call it up next as part of an Estimate or Work order, you will see the checkbox. If a direct entry is made in that variable, the box will fill with a check. If you then uncheck it, your calculated value will be restored.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie, Acorn Sign Graphics

Date: 08/072009

Version: Control 4.3_

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