A description of cfl_ch_2-the_cfl_language debugger which provides a simple way to test formulas and code

Whenever writing code, we want to test whether the formulas are doing what we want, whether variable names are accurate and what values they are returning, etc. CFL has a simple and easy to use “Debugger” which does this very well for almost all circumstances.

Because of the way Cyrious “compiles” the code for products, there are occasions when the values returned in the Debugger will be different than those returned by the Product, Pricing Form formula, etc. In most cases we have traced this to a Temporary variable of the same name used in different variables within the entire product's dataset. If testing variables like ListPriceValue(), be sure that the list has a selection in the Pricing Form.

  1. Go to an active and “open” Estimate or Work Order. If testing code for a “Product”, Layout, or Pricing Form – select the line item where the code appears. On your keyboard press Contol-Alt-Space. This will bring up a box into which you can enter a variable name, the formula or the complete code of, say, a Pricing Formula. When you click Execute, the Debugger will execute the formula. If there are errors, you will get messages to that effect. The error messages are not as complete as those in the CFL Code Builder but you will know whether you code is working. If you experiment with this capability, you will quickly see how it is working.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie, Acorn Sign Graphics

Date: 2/20/2011

Version: Control 04.50.1102.0401

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