How To Delete a Division

Use the Cyrious Setup Screen to Delete a Division

  1. Go to the Accounting Setup screen from the Setup menu.
  2. Choose the Divisions folder located in the far left section - Shown in picture below
  3. Select the division that you would like to remove and click Delete - Shown in picture below
  4. A warning message will appear informing the user of the effects the division removal will have - Shown in picture below
  5. Type Yes into the box, and click OK
  6. You are then prompted to choose a division to reset the records of the deleted division to
  7. Choose the division that will take over the records, and click OK
  8. Your Division has been deleted and will no longer appear in Division drop-down selections and the Explorer selections


Contributor: Paul Monaghan

Date: 04/11/2014

Version: Control 5.1

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