Use CFL code to determine if an estimate has variations and how many.

Basic Discussion of Approach

We have Product Warnings and Product Error Messages which flag when a Product is inconsistent with the Station At Sale– for example, a delivery instruction to“ Ship UPS” when the Station At Sale indicates an installation. Since the Error trap would not allow two variations where one called for a pickup and the other an installation, we need to disable this warning when Variations are used.

As always, test the code carefully to be sure it works with all desired combination.

  1. CFL provides a code which returns the number of variations in an estimate:
    1. Estimate.Variations.SonCount
  2. When Estimate.Variations.SonCount return a number greater than 1, we set the error message to null (_ckgedit_QUOTckgedit>) as shown below. IF Estimate.Variations.SonCount < 2 THEN MismatchMsg ELSE GESHI_QUOTGESHI_QUOT ENDIF

Contributor: Steve Gillispie, Acorn Sign Graphics

Date: 9/07/2010

Version: Control 4.5_

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