This page describes how to manipulate the Action Toolbar menu to get your custom work order to display in Production Terminal.

By default, Production Terminal displays the WorkOrder01.rpt file. Some customers want to display their custom work order instead of the standard work order in Production Terminal.

  1. Open Control in NoSystemReadOnly by adding by adding NoSystemReadOnly= into the Control_Options file located in the Control Folder inside of the Cyrious Share.
  2. Open Reporting Setup under the Setup menu.
  3. Navigate to the Action Toolbar reports.
  4. Open the section for Orders.
  5. Open the group called “Invoice & Work Order”.
  6. Edit the “Standard Work Order” in that group.
  7. Instead of using a System Report, select the On Drive option.
  8. Navigate to the custom work order report.
  9. Save your changes.
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