The purpose of this document is to show users how to implement priority tracking on orders.

  1. In Control, go to Setup/System Setup
  2. In the column on left, under the heading Order, Estimates, and Service Tickets select Priorities.
  3. If no priorities exist, you will see a blank screen. To create your first priority, select New.
  4. In the next screen you will be asked to assign a Priority Name and Priority Level. You can also change the Font Color on the explorer line item text based on the priority selected.

For Priority Tracking to work, the variable PRIORITY must be active on each Product that you wish to track. For our example. we will use the Roll Sign Print

  1. In Control, go to Setup/All Pricing Setup.
  2. In the left, verify that under Major Components, Product Setup is highlighted.
  3. All products are listed in the column in the middle. Locate the product you want to turn priority tracking on for. For this example, use Roll Sign Print.
  4. Select the Variables Tab.
  5. On the toolbar on the right, select Edit.
  6. Uncheck Show Only Variables in Use
  7. Expand the General category
  8. Locate the variable Priority and check the box to its left.
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