This wiki will provide the steps needed to export a list of contacts with emails from Control.

Using the Contacts Explorer you can export a list of contacts to Excel or other popular file formats.

  1. In Control, click Explorer and chose Explore Contacts.
  2. Enter the Search Criteria needed to pull the list of contacts you want.
    1. To pull a list of all contacts with email addresses, enter “*@” without the quotes in the Email filter field.
    2. Alternatively you can use the Advanced Query feature by clicking the Advanced button.
  3. Right click and choose Column Chooser.
  4. Click and drag any columns that you wish to have in your export from the Customization screen.
  5. Click and drag any existing columns in the explorer away from the screen to remove the column.
  6. Close the Customization screen.
  7. Right click on the results and choose Export Grid.
  8. Choose the File Type, Export Type and then click the Export button.
    1. If you choose Save, click the bar beneath the Save button to browse to a new location to save your file.
    2. By default the file is saved to \\servername\cyrious$\Control\ReportExport.

Contributor: Steve H., Cyrious

Date: 12/27/2013

Version: Control 5.1+

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