Purpose of this page

This page is setup to help users with the process of becoming subscribed to certain wiki articles. Being subscribed to a wiki will allow you to get notifications when the page is updated with any changes. This is useful for pages like the Release Notes, and any others that may change often.

Steps to subscribe

  1. Log into the site control.cyriouswiki.com
  2. Locate the wiki article which you would like to receive updates for.
  3. Locate the ellipses in the upper right of the page, as shown below.

  1. Click on the word “Notify”.
  2. You will be asked what you would like to monitor. (Page Edits or Discussions - This will depend on the type of page you are subscribing to)
  3. Fill in the check boxes you would like, and click Update.

You are now subscribed to the wiki article of your choosing, and will receive updates at the email address that you use to log into the website.

Steps to subscribe to entire wiki

  1. Log into the site you are a member of (eg - control.cyriouswiki.com)
  2. Click on the Recent Changes link in the upper right of the page
  3. Click on the Notification button towards the top of the page
  4. Click Add
  5. Click on the drop down arrow to start your search
  6. You should see an option to choose towards the top of the list for the entire wiki (in this case Control)

  1. You can then choose which changes you would like to be notified of, and click Update when you are finished.

  1. You might need to refresh your Notifications page, but you should see that you are now subscribed to the entire wiki

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