Description of how to hide or suppress fields on a pricing form so that they appear only when certain criteria are met.

We wanted to reduce the clutter on the pricing form and to make the need to enter certain fields very dramatic and obvious. Sometimes instead of a direct entry of the price, we wanted to give the user the option for area based pricing. To accomplish this we created a check box for Area Based pricing. When that is checked, a Height, Width, and Unit Price field appear on the Pricing Form.


  1. We will assume that we use the System Variables Height and Width but we need to create a Yes/No variable for “AreaBasedPricing_YN” and a Number variable for “AreaUnitPrice” and be sure these are included in the Product's Variable list.
  2. Go to the Pricing Form for the product. Place the AreaBasedPricing_YN and Height, Width, and AreaUnitPrice variables on your pricing form as you want them to appear. Of course the AreaBasedPricing_YN must be a checkbox. Also, the AreaUnitPrice will need to be set for at least 2 decimal places (see: how_to_make_decimals_show_in_number_variables_on_pricing_forms). Remember to enter the Variable Name for each in the place provided at the bottom of the Properties list column to the left of your pricing form.
  3. Below the Property where you entered the variable name you will see a property called Visible Formula. Click on that and the Cyrious Formula Builder will open. If you set this property to TRUE the Object or field will be displayed on your pricing form. FALSE will cause it not to appear. So we create a formula which says “if the Area Based Pricing field has been checked then show these fields; otherwise hide them.” Paste this code in the Visible Formula property of each of the 3 Objects you want to control this way. Test this on your pricing form and you will see these fields appear when the checkbox for Area Based Pricing is selected.
IF AreaBasedPricing_YN Then True ELSE False ENDIF


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Date: _ _/_ _/2009

Version: Control 4._

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