Cyrious usescrystal_guide_ch_2-_using_crystal_reports_with_cyrious_programs to format and present all reports . Discussed how to pass variables from Cyrious to Crystal to be used in selecting, sorting, or grouping records.

You may choose almost any variable available in Cyrious to pass to Crystal to be used in creating your custom report. Cyrious has even devised an crystal_guide_ch_4-_specific_issues_with_crystal_reports to use its own Employee and Account explorer lists to select these items [the procedures for this are intended as a later addition. Please comment in a discussion if there is any interest]. Crystal uses Parameters for this purpose. These are also used to pass selection information for sub-reports. These appear on the Report Options page in the Preview Window of Cyrious reports. [ See also system_setup_ch_7-reporting_options_setup for setting up these pages.]


  1. When in the Crystal reports edit page mode, right click on Parameters Fields and select New. Name your parameter with something descriptive of its function.
  2. When the Parameters panel comes up, you will see a number of fields. Designate the type of parameter in the “Type” drop-down panel. The screen shot below shows that a Boolean type (Yes/No) has been selected. In this case the values available are True and False and Crystal fills that in for you. If you selected Text or number, you would have the option to type in a selection and these would then appear in the Cyrious reports Option page. For this example, Cyrious will recognize that this is a Boolean variable and use a radio button as shown in the second screen shot below with 6 boolean options for which 3 are checked..

  1. In the “Prompt Text” line, you have the choice of typing in the exact text you want to appear in your Cyrious Options page.
  2. Save your parameter. You may then use it just like a formula or a text field. If you use it for record selection or grouping, it will appear with a “?” beside it, signifying that a full report refresh will occur each time it is changed.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie, Acorn Sign Graphics)

Date: 4/18/2010

Version: 04.40.1003.3102

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