It can make some lists much easier for Users if the list is lengthened so that there is less scrolling to find the desired selections. This is particularly useful for lists where Users might overlook a selection because they didn't scroll deeply enough. CFL provides a control object which determines how many lines are shown on a pricing form drop down list.

Create a custom list length for drop down lists.

Be sure the size of the pricing form or user screens can accommodate the list size.

  1. To set the length of drop down lists, go to the Pricing Form where the list occurs. For the Properties Tab which is found to the left of the Pricing Form, select the Advanced option. This brings up an extended listg of Properties. Find the “Drop Down Count” property and set that to the number of lines you would like to show in your list.

Contributor: Steve Gillispie Acorn Sign Graphics

Date: 2/20/2011

Version: Control 04.50.1102.0401

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