Cyrious Control supports several modes of inventory tracking:

  • No Inventory Tracking.
  • Inventory Level Tracking Only (Non-Accounting)
  • Full Accounting Inventory Accrual (Costing Only)

These options may be selected individually for all material parts in the Part Setup. Inventory is a separate module in Control and if you do not see the options for inventory you may need to check which modules you are authorized for. (See Control Modules.)

Note that tracking-only inventory may be used with or without costing. Some user choose to inventory items (like Billboard months available) without having any cost associated with the item. Control does not account for accruing inventory received but not yet billed, the accrual part of inventory is only related to the costs associated with orders in production.

The following options are available for the Inventory:

  • Under System Setup | Bills:
    • Default Rule for Adjusting Bill Item Cost
    • Allow user to override Cost Rule in Bills
    • Allow user to override Inventory Rule in Bills
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