Production Terminal: Job Monitoring

Production Terminal has a screen to allow it to be used for job monitoring.

This feature is only available with Production Terminal version 05.00.1104.2001 and later.

Job Monitor Screen

This screen displays the following information:

  • Employee - current logged in user's name displayed in a drop down box, with the ability to select other employees to filter on. If this edit box has focus, it will respond to a bar code entry of an employee record.
  • Clock In/Out button - If the employee is not clocked in, this button will say “Clock In”. If the employee is already clocked in, this button will say “Clock Out” and clicking this will clock the employee completely out.
  • Current Jobs - will list all jobs the selected user is clocked onto and jobs assigned to them. The current jobs are sub-divided into three sections:
    • The first sections lists the job the user is already clocked onto a job, if any.
    • The second section lists all jobs assigned to the user.
    • The third section contains a blank edit box and two drop downs. The blank edit box can be used to add jobs to the list, while the two drop downs are used to update the jobs in the grid.
  • Line # - Order and Line Item number of the job. In the third section, the user can enter or barcode scan a line item number to pull up that particular order.
  • Company - Name of the Company for that Order.
  • Description - The Order's description.
  • Clock Off/Clock On - If the user is clocked onto that job, there will be a button to Clock Off. If it is only assigned to them, the button for that line will allow them to Clock On. If they click the Clock On button, they will be Clocked Off of any job they are currently clocked onto.
  • Station - The job's current station.
  • Assigned To - The employee the job is currently assigned to.
  • Station drop down - This displays the station that the selected line items will be updated with in a drop down box. This box also responds to barcode entries of stations.
  • Assigned To drop down - This displays the Assigned To employee that the selected items will be updated with in a drop down box, which also allows the user to assign that line item to someone else. This box responds to a barcode entries of employees.
  • Refresh button - to refresh the screen with any changes made by other users. It does not apply changes.
  • Update button - to apply changes made to the line items and refresh the screen.

Production Terminal Main Screen

There is a Job Monitoring button on the main screen that brings up the Job Monitor screen.

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