On startup of the SSLIP, it will populate the UserOption table with all of the Control Module, so tools outside of Control can easily determine if a user has a particular module.

The Option Name is the name of the module (see the list below). And the Option Value is either “YES” or “NO”.

Module Names
  • Estimating
  • WorkOrder
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Parts
  • Macro
  • Customizable
  • Inventory
  • TechSSLIP
  • CreditCard
  • Beta
  • Shipping
  • ServiceTicket
  • BarCoding
  • Course
  • Accounting
  • OnlineTax
  • WebView
  • Payroll
  • ProFITS
  • CCubed
  • OnlineArtworkApproval

The following code could be used to determine if a particular business has the Accounting module …

code format="SQL"

DECLARE @HasAccountingModule BIT;

– Convert the resulting Yes or No into a Bit using this handy Cyrious Function

SET @HasAccountingModule = dbo.[Util.Conversion.TextToBit]( (

	SELECT OptionValue 
	FROM UserOption
	WHERE OptionName = 'Accounting'

), 0 )


PRINT @HasAccountingModule;


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