If you are currently using Cyrious Control and have some experience with processing payroll, this section will quickly take you through the steps to get it set up and begin using it. The following chapters go into more detail on setting up each of the components, so feel free to jump ahead if you would like more detailed information.

To get started, go to the main menu and select Setup | Payroll Setup. Note: make sure that the Payroll Module has been enabled before you begin setting up your payroll information.

Setting up Options and Deductions

To begin setting up payroll options, go to the main Payroll Setup screen and select Options. Check all options that will apply to your company, and click Save to save your changes.

To begin setting up deductions, go to the main Payroll Setup screen and select Standard Employee Deductions then select the deduction type you wish to change. Most standard deductions will be included on this screen, such as Federal and State Taxes and FICA; however, you will still need to fill in the accrual GL accounts that will be used for these deductions. Also, if you need to add any optional deductions offered to your employees, such as 401K or Medical Insurance then click the Optional Deductions screen on the left side. Click the New button to create a new custom deduction; after adding the deduction, be sure to fill in all applicable fields on the screen. Click Save when you are done with each deduction.

Setting up Tax Tables

Control comes with the Federal Tax Table already installed; however, you may want to check to make sure it is current. You will need to set up any state (and local, if applicable) tax tables that will be used by your company. You will also need to setup any applicable SUTA tax tables that will be used.

Setting up Employee Payroll Information

Since you probably already have your employees' setup in Control, you will just need to fill in payroll information for them. Go to the Employee Setup screen to select an employee. You should see some new options beneath the Employee's name. Check the options that will apply to them. Once you have selected the options to be included for that employee, go to each tab to fill in their payroll information, vacation and sick day tracking information, and any employee advance information that may apply to them.

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