Some non-payroll income (e.g., use of a company-provided car) is not assessed each payroll but is more commonly recorded once at the end of the year. To include these expenses, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Create an Optional Benefit Payout under Payroll Setup. Be sure to enter the appropriate W-2 box for the wage.
  • In the Employee Record, associate this Payout with the employee.
  • Process a Special Payroll and enter the amount in this column.

Many customers prefer to set these annual payout items as inactive during the rest of the year so as to avoid any accidental distributions.

The Yearly Payroll Recap Summary can be printed throughout the year, but is useful for the end of the year. The report will show all earnings and deductions for all employees for the entire year.

Unlike many accounting systems, in Control there is no required year-end closeout procedure! All payroll items are based on the calendar year, and roll-ups of all payroll numbers are calculated automatically based on the dates applied.

However, good practice dictates the following steps shortly after completion of the calendar year (normally the first regular work day after January 1st) and before the final Income Statement and Balance Sheet for the year are printed.

  • If you are using usage cards, create usage cards for all orders still open.
  • If you are using vacation and sick day tracking, process a special payroll to remove any days that are not rolled over. This payroll is normally dated the last day of the year.
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