Cyrious Control is an extremely powerful tool. Like any tool, to be properly wielded requires a bit of education and experience. Cyrious provides customers with multiple formats to achieve this, including on site consulting (implementation), web classes, and this manual. We hope this will be a valuable reference guide for you.

Notes, Tools, and Tips

The options available from the Action toolbar change in EVERY screen you access in Control.

Figure 1 1 An example of a NOTE
Notes are options that we want you to be aware of. These functions will help you become more efficient using the software.

Eventually, there are only two types of people in the world.
Those who back-up, and those who wished they had.
Figure 1 2 An example of a WARNING
Warnings are items that we want you to pay attention to. Like any tool, there are ways that you can use Control that can cause damage to your operation or data. Warnings indicate areas you should look out for.
Main Menu | Setup | System Setup Figure 1 3 An example of a GO-TO
Because Cyrious is such a comprehensive program, we have included “links” in every section. These links will tell you how to get to the screens you need access to, click-by-click.
Each divider in a go-to represents a different menu, sub menu, button, or option you need to click. In this example, you would go to the main menu, expand the Setup menu, and select the System Setup option from the drop-down list.
Technical Support
If we have not addressed your question in this manual, please contact our Technical Support team.
Toll-Free (US): (888) 552-9823
International: (225) 752-2866
Fax: (225) 612-6308
Toll-Free (US): (800) 552-1418
International: (407) 905-4644
Fax: (407) 905-4964 || See Also

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