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You may create a set of promotions in the pricing setup to apply to estimates, orders, or individual companies. Promotions may be in the form of a percentage-off or dollar-value and are made to be set up according to your company's needs.
To set a promotion, select Promotions from the left menu. Select Edit to enter values into the fields. Name your promotion. You may label the same dollar or percentage amount with different names to help direct the User to assign the appropriate amount.

Figure 14 1 Discount Screen
Name Enter a name for this promotion.
Active Check this box if the current promotion is active.
Do not delete inactive promotions. You should keep former promotions to help you track financial accounts.

Description Enter a description for the promotion that is thorough enough for you and your employees' understanding.

Used by the Following Families

Designate which pricing families the discount will apply to.

Valid Dates To set a period for a promotion, check the Between radio button to activate the calendar. Use the drop-down box to designate a time for a promotion to be active. The promotion will be available for use only during these dates. If the promotion is ongoing, such as a discount you provide for your local government, leave the Valid Dates selection as Always.

Tracking Only Select this radio button to track a promotion without a discount. This might be useful if you are tracking sales of a particular item for employee incentive purposes.

Percentage Off Select the desired percent.

Fixed Discount Select the desired amount. You must select a sale account (income account) from which that dollar amount will subtract.

Deduct From Designate the sale account (income account) to which the promotion will apply.

Promotions are used to apply a discount to an entire purchase. Promotions are useful in promoting discounts, but also to reward valued clients. They are sorted in reports by placed orders, sales, or closed orders so you may track the efficacy of the discount.

Promotions may be combined with pricing levels. For instance, you may apply a 110% pricing level to a company, order, or estimate, which is not visible to a client. To this pricing level, you may then add a 10% promotion.

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