There are two types of product layouts.

  • Formula based using Cyrious Formula Language, or CFL
  • XSLT based (obsolete but supported for backwards capability)
Although Cyrious currently supports XSLT, we urge you to rework your product layouts using CFL. CFL is faster, easier to maintain, and promises greater compatibility in future releases of our software.

|| Main Menu | Setup | Pricing Setup | Product Layouts ||

\\ //Figure 19 1 Product Layouts Screen// \\ **Product Layout Name**	Enter a name for this product layout. \\ **Is Active** 	Designate whether or not this product layout is active. \\ **Category **	Select a category for this product layout. \\ **Layout Type** 	Select whether this product layout is programmed using XSLT or HTML. \\   \\ //Figure 19 2 Product Layouts Screen// \\ The Product Layout screen shows the Layout Type for this product. Some products may be formatted in XSL and others in HTML or HTML Formula. \\ Other Supported Functions/Modes \\ Other Supported Functions/Modes - no description ? \\ || **Displayed Info Value** || **Specifies …** ||

|| CompanyUDF[UDFName] || Company UDF values ||

ContactUDF[UDFName] Contact UDF values
HeaderUDF[UDFName] Order/Estimate UDF values
Mod[ModifierCode] Modifier values
Param[VariableName], ParamNoUnits[VariableName] Variable values

HTML Codes
HTML codes – table incomplete ?
|| Value || Denotes ||

Special characters
White space
(&#160) Hard space
List Items
Numbered list
Table cell
Table row
Bulleted list

XSL codes – table incomplete ?
|| || || ||

and Mod[Extra Vinyl Color 4]
, and Param[Text]

Effective Use

Effective Use – incomplete.

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