In most businesses, a handful of products represent the greatest percentage of orders. Quick products are a useful way to make those key products easily accessible from the home screen and from within order entry. Quick products may be customized by the User, which is especially useful for different locations and/or divisions.

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Choosing a Configuration

Quick Products by Location or Division

If you have multiple locations or multiple divisions, you will likely have a different product mix for each. You will normally want to configure the Quick Product List based on those separations.

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Quick Products by Functional Area

Employees with different roles will often deal with different products. For example, your outside salesperson may work on larger sized orders and sell products that require higher service. Walk-in business might be handled by an insider salesperson and involve simpler products. Setting up different quick product lists for these two groups will help each operate more efficiently.

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Quick Products for Home Screen, Order Entry & Service Tickets

Quick product lists are displayed on the home screen and inside Order, Estimate, Template, and Service Ticket entry.

Quick Products for Home Screen, Order Entry & Service Tickets– no image

Quick Products Screen
Main Menu | Setup | Pricing Setup | Quick Products

Figure 21 1 Quick Products Screen

Service Tickets often use different products than Orders and Estimates, so separating these two allows you to set establish different products for your quick products lists. Additionally, you may want to include products that are normally purchased with other products on these lists, but leave them off the home screen.

There are several store options and User options related to quick product lists that you might want to configure. These are under Transaction Options. These options can be set for the entire Store, which becomes the default for all Users, or overridden at the individual User level.

Limits on Quick Products

There are practical limits on the use of quick products.

If the User has to scroll to access them, they have defeated the purpose of this feature.

Depending on your screen size, font, resolution, etc. you can fit between six and fourteen quick products on the screen without scrolling.

Every product can still be accessed through the All Products tree.

Effective Use

Control permits multiple quick product lists to be created. Employees options may then be configured to use the quick product list most appropriate for their particular work environment.

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