This feature was implemented in order to better facilitate the classification of calls, appointments, etc. While this feature has existed since the first version of Control, few users have “discovered” it and Cyrious had not implemented the reports that might make it more valuable.

Control 4.4 elevates the “Call Type”, “Appointment Type”, and other activity sub-types into a more useful mechanism for tracking the categories of contact activity. These changes include making activity sub-types more obvious to users, providing options for default values and to require entry, and creating report(s) that utilize this information.

You can classify all of your sales calls into the following categories:

  • Outbound Cold Call
  • Outbound Warm Call
  • Outbound Client Follow-up
  • Outbound A/R Call
  • Inbound Call
  • Other

and use the built in reporting to get an analysis of the call types completed by salesperson, resulting sales from those prospects, and the result codes.

Using the standard Contact Activity Analysis Report provides meaningful information useful by almost all businesses. Due to the large variance in sales management styles, however, it may be necessary or desireable to customize the reporting for your particular operation.

Each contact activity type (Call, To Do, Meeting, and Other) has a separate list of Sub-Types that you can setup. To set each of these up:

  • Navigate to System Setup | Marketing & Activity Manager | Activity Pick Lists | Call Type
  • Click on Edit
  • Add, Remove, or Reorder the Call Types for your business.
  • Click on Save.
  • Repeat for each of the Contact Activity Types.

One of the things you might want to consider if you are going to use Contact Activity Sub-Types is requiring that they be entered on all Contact Activities. This will ensure you don't end up with Contact Activities with no classification. To enable this option:

  • Navigate to System Setup | Marketing & Activity Manager
  • Click on Edit
  • Check the [x] Require Sub-Type option.
  • Click on Save.

On the same screen, you may (or may not) wish to limit all Sub-Types to the values in your list. On the same screen, you can use the [x] Limit Sub-Types to List option to prevent the user from typing other values in as Sub-Types.

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