The Search Results Instrument is the results instrument. Almost all other marketing instruments are used to configure and specify the data to pull (Configuration Instruments), or use its the results for further actions (Processing Instruments). Each of these categories of instruments will be discussed in the following sections.

The results instrument provides a view of the data based on the specifications. You can change the columns displayed by right-clicking on the instrument and choosing “Column Chooser”. You can edit other instrument options by by clicking the word “edit” at the top right left of the instrument.

Note: Clicking on a row will auto-toggle the check box in the row unless all rows are selected.

The following properties may be set for this instrument:

  • Caption
  • Use Dashboard Search
  • Use Saved Search
  • Use Custom Search

Note: Many of the options for the results instrument are actually set by other instruments (such as the Search Tree Instrument).

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