Control - Smart Part Summary

The Part Summary component displays the information for a Part Summary Variable (PSumV), which is a summary of the total quantity, cost, and price of items from a PSV and/or a PFV. These totals may be grouped and sorted by one of the part properties (e.g. Size)

summary component.PNG
  • Sort Column Heading: What the caption on the sort column should read
  • Summary Mode: One of psumvSumCost, psumvSumPrice, or psumvSumBoth. This controls which columns to show in the grid.
  • Title: What the caption on the top of the component should read
  • Variable Name: The name of the PSumV to assign to this component
summary setup.PNG

  • Variable1: This is the first PSV or PFV associated with the Grid.
  • Variable2: This is the second PSV or PFV associated with the Grid.
  • DisplayMode: Determines which values are displayed. Valid values are ( Variable1 | Variable2 | Both )
  • Sort By Column: The column that is used to sort (and group) the totals by. Only a single column is allowed.
  • Alt Display Column: If supplied, this column is displayed instead of the sort column.
  • Sort Column Heading: This is the header name for the sort column (or alternate display column is provided). If blank, this defaults to the name of the displayed column .
  • Title: This is the title for the TPartSummary component.
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