Startup Parameters/Switches/Options may be specified by command-line arguments, in the Shortcut, or in the options file. Parameters applied to the shortcut will only apply when that shortcut is used. Parameters in the options file apply to everyone who starts the program.

In the shortcut, they take the form of:

-parameter [:value]


"C:\…\Cyrious\Control\Control.exe" -PortOffset:1024 -hp2600fix

In the options file: parameter [=value] Example:





Note: The options file resides in the directory with the program and takes the form _Options.txt

Parameter List

Parameter Default Control or SSLIP Options File? Meaning
AllowMultiLogin0 Allows users to open multiple copies of Control under the same Windows login.
BackDate0 Enabled the Backdating Option to be turned on. Once turned on, this option is no longer necessary but it won't show up in the menu initially without this being set
C3SServiceFilePath Used to direct C3S towards the correct location of the C3SHost.exe file.
CacheCrystalReports Removed from Control since the introduction of the Report Viewer (version 05.10.1512.????)
CacheVersion0.0ControlThe CacheVersion is used as additional validation for the Control Cache. By changing this option, you can invalidate all copies of cache without having to delete them off every client. This is helpful after running update queries or restoring a backup, when the data cached may not match the database.
CCAlwaysAddTax0 The total price of the payment must not change. This does not apply to Online Payments (CCPS)
ChapiURLhttp://computername:port Ability to specify alternate port for CHAPI to SSLIP Communication. See chapi_-_chapiurl_startup_option for more detail.
CheckVersionCompatibility Used to allow minor version changes between the SSLIP.exe and Control.exe files.
DatabaseNameChapi.dbo.DatabaseRecs.Name Allows multiple sslips to communicate with a single Chapi instance. It must be added to the shortcut or options file. Make sure you use the Name the Chapi.DatabaseRecs table and not the Database Name that is attached to SQL. I also recommend creating Names in the Chapi.DatabaseRecs without spaces.
Debug:type Where type is a valid type of debug message. The messages will be displayed by a SSLIP popup and saved to SSLIP_Debug.log
DebugOnlineTaxes0 Creates additional logs of Avalara online tax transactions
Delay Time in seconds that it will delay the actual startup of the SSLIP after you attempt to launch the file SSLIP.exe, as well as Control.exe. Add this to SSLIP_Options.txt to only delay the startup of the SSLIP.
DisableBackgroundProcesses0SSLIPWhen true, Macros, Recurring Activities, WebView, Production Terminal, Rollover Activities, and Recreation of SQL Functions are disabled in the SSLIP.
DomainAutoLogin0SSLIPAvailable in Control 5.5 and later. Enables automatic logins when using the Domain Login feature
DomainAutoLoginWait1ControlAvailable in Control 5.55T and later. When DomainAutoLogin is enabled, this option specifies the amount of time, in seconds, the progress popup displays, allowing the user time to cancel the autologin.
EnableCRIX Enabled the CRIX service
EnableDomainLogins1SSLIPAvailable in Control 5.5 and later. Enabled the Windows Domain Logins. Set this to 0 if this feature is not desired
ErrorReportAddress Email address for the Error Reporting
ErrorReportNickName Send From Name for the Error Reporting. This is used mostly by Cyrious internal to distinguish error reports from test systems and those from live systems.
ExcludeNewFromRefresh0 This will prevent new records from sending refresh messages to other clients when they are created. This will cause new order/estiamte/customer macros to not work on the server, but otherwise should have no affect.
ExecuteQueriesIndividually0 By default, Control sends multiple queries to SQL to execute together (reducing the execution setup times). Setting this to true forces each SQL to be sent individually (which is slower).
HP2600Fix0 Activates a fix for certain printers. For more information, see:
IDE0 This option is used for internal testing by Cyrious and activates some additional menu options.
IsInIDE0 Similar to IDE above, but used internally in a few different places.
InstallSQLBridge0 Used in multiple SSLIPs/1 database environment. Set to 1 on Main SSLIP and 0 on secondary SSLIPs.
Keyless0 Not applicable in modern 4.6 versions
Identifies if a temporary keyfile is being used instead of a dongle.
KeyPath Path to the temporary keyfile …
LoadPartsOnStartup Loads all parts, plus other collections, on startup to speed up order creation the first time.
WARNING: This may cause startup to take much longer on systems with a large number of parts.
LogActions Logs the actions executed by the user.
LogAvalara1SSLIPEnables logging of the data sent to Avalara and will create text log files in the Control Logs folder.
LogCHAPI1SSLIPThe above example enables the CHAPI/SSLIP logging. See chapi_-_logchapi_startup_option for more detail.
LoginDatabase When using multiple databases in one SSLIP, this option allows you to specify the default Database
LoginPassword Allows you to specify the default login password. Note that this is stored in plaintext and is not recommended.
LoginUserName Allows you to specify the default login name.
LogOffCrystalReports Removed from Control since the introduction of the Report Viewer (version 05.10.1512.????)
LogQueryExecution0Both1: Log write queries
2: Log read queries
3: Log read and write queries
otherwise: No query logging
LogPath%AppFolder%\Logs The path where log files are created.
LogProcessCommand0 Logs every time refresh messages are processes. Warning: This will result in a large number of log files being created.
LogVersionWarnings1 If disabled (0), Control won't log messages about table version numbers being off (which is caused when different versions of Control are run on the same database).
LongWaitLogTime0 Enables logging of long waits in Control (or the SSLIP). The value indicates the number of seconds considered to be a long wait. Any wait longer than this duration will be logged. See LongWaitLogTime for more detail.
MWTimeout30 Obsolete as of Control 4.4 Sets the time (in seconds) before timing out due to no response when processing online credit cards with Merchant Warehouse
MWTargetNamespace Available in Control 4.4.1002.1901 and later. Sets the target namespace for the Merchant Warehouse 2.0 API. This namespace is used for inquiries when voiding a credit card amount.
This option is only valid in the SSLIP options file.
MWTrxTargetNamespace Available in Control 4.4.1002.1901 and later. Sets the target namespace for the Merchant Warehouse 2.0 API. This namespace is used for charging, refunding, and voiding credit cards.
This option is only valid in the SSLIP options file.
NickName:name Give the SSLIP a name to distinguish it from other SSLIPs in the system notification area.
NoBackground0 Disables background processing.
NoBackup:code Allows you to update a database from 3.1 to 4.x without performing a backup.
Note: You should ALWAYS perform a backup first. This option should only be used if you have backed up manually.
NoIDE0 The opposite of IDE, this is used internally when developing the software to simulate NOT running in a development environment.
NoImages0 Disables images and the loading of system images from the database.
NoMemoryFlushing0 Prevents Control from periodically forcing memory to a swapfile and giving unused memory back to Windows
NoPrintFromCopy0 By default, Control copies on-drive reports to the users temp folder before opening. This prevents multiple users from opening the same report, which can cause Crystal errors. This should only be enabled for report development purposes when only one user is accessing the system at a time.
NoReportReuse0 By default, Control caches on-drive and system reports in the users temp folder. When printing it checks for a recent cached copy and uses it if found. This option disables this option.
NoSystemReadOnly:code When enabled, you will be allowed to modify security rights in Security Setup. Code is a temporary tech backdoor password.
OnlineTaxIndividually0 If set to 1, send and receive each line item to Avalara individually.
OptionFileName:Name of Options file to use This is added onto the end of your Target field located in the properties of the Control and SSLIP shortcuts.
Example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Cyrious\Control\SSLIP.exe” -OptionFileName:Other_Options.txt
PortOffset:offset0 This is useful for running multiple SSLIPs on the same network. The default is zero and the actual port used will be offset + 2879 TCP and offset + 2868 UDP.
Note: This option should be applied to the SSLIP and Control. i.e. If we use PortOffset2 then the new ports would be 2881 TCP and 2870 UDP.
See for more information.
QuickLaunch Put off loading as many items as possible until they are called for. This also prevents Table Version Checking in pre-Control 5.1 versions.
RapidFire Performs background process handling every 15 seconds as opposed to 1 minute.
RecurringIntervals Set this to the # of minutes that you want the SSLIP to wait before re-checking for new recurring activities.
RunC3SHost1 This prevents SSLIP.exe from starting the C3S application. Example: RunC3SHost0
SaveActionsOnError Saves a logs of the actions executed by the user whenever an error occurs.
CustomReportsDBServer Allows you to override the database server that custom reports pull from.
CustomReportsDBPath Allows you to override the database name that custom reports pull from.
SystemReportsDBServer Allows you to override the database server that system reports pull from
SystemReportsDBPath Allows you to override the database name that system reports pull from
SaveNewTranslations This will add all text strings found in Control that are not translated into the SystemData. This can be used with the Translation module to update any translations seen in Control. NoSystemReadOnly mode is required.
ScheduledPaymentsAsCash0 Setting this to true will cause all scheduled payments to be processed as Cash. WARNING: This option should NEVER be used on a customer's system. It is strictly for testing scheduled payments.
ScoutTimeOut:time How long to look for the SSLIP in miliseconds. The default is 5000.
ShowReportViewerInfo0ControlWhen this option is turned on, the Report View will open a window display basic statistics about the reports being previewed.
ShowDivisionSetup Makes the division options in Setup > Accounting Setup > General Options
SplashImage:path Used to specify the location of a new image to replace the startup logo/loading screen.
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