Purpose of the Users Manual

We are certain your Implementer will do an exceptional job getting you geared up for Cyrious Control. However, we are also aware of how valuable a reference guide can be. We have created this manual with the hope that it can answer the questions you will have as you become accustomed to your new software.

How to Use this Manual


toolbox.jpgThe options available from the Action toolbar change in EVERY screen you access in Control.

Notes are things we want you to be aware of. These functions will help your shop be more efficient with the software.

Never leave your system unattended for any extended period.


partssetupicon.jpg Main Menu | Setup | System Setup

Technical Support
If we have not addressed your question in this manual, please contact our Technical Support team.


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Support Sales
Toll-Free (US): (888) 552-9823
International: (225) 752-2866
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