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Employee Information

  • Name: Enter the employee's name.
  • Group: Select a group for the employee.
  • Position: Enter a position for the employee.
  • Department: Enter the department the employee will work in.
  • E-Mail: Enter the employee's e-mail address.
  • Reports To: Select whom the employee is supposed to report to. The user can select another employee or none.
  • Office Phone: Enter the employee's office phone number.
  • Office Fax: Enter the employee's office fax number.
  • Report Menu: Select the reports menu that the employee will have access to.

Use of system:

  • Active Employee: Check this box if the employee is currently an active employee.
  • Salesperson: Check this box if the employee is a salesperson.
  • Show on Time Clock: Check this box if the employee will be shown on the time clock.
  • Create Calendar: Check this box to create a calendar. By creating a calendar, the employee will have a calendar to use in Activity Manager.
  • Show on Line Items: Check this box to show the employee on line items.
  • License #: Enter the employee's license number.
  • Tax ID #: Enter the employee's tax ID number.

Current Status:

  • Regular Employee: Select this status if the employee is a regular employee.
  • Contract Employee: Select this status if the employee is a contract employee.
  • On Leave: Select this status if the employee is currently on leave.
  • Prior Employee: Select this status if the employee was previously an employee and is no longer hired by the company.
  • Hire Date: Select the employee's hire date.
  • Termination Date: Select the employee's termination date, if applicable.


  • Pricing Level: Select the employee's pricing level, if applicable.
  • Commission Plan: Select the employee's commission plan, if applicable.

Quick Products:

  • Home Frame: Select the quick products for the home frame.
  • Order/Estimates: Select the quick products for Orders and Estimates.
  • Service Tickets: Select the quick products for Service Tickets.

Personal Information

The personal information tab includes the employee's address, phone numbers, and emergency contacts.

  • Home Address: Enter the employee's home address.
  • City, State, Post: Enter the employee's city, state, and zip code.
  • Birth Date: Select the employee's birth date.

Emergency Contact Information: Any emergency contacts that the employee has can be entered here. By clicking add the user is able to enter the contact's name and phone number.

Payroll Information

The Payroll Information tab opens a screen that allows the user to set all rate information, deductions, benefits, and withholdings for the employee. You can read more about this section in the Payroll Manual.


Vacation Pay:

  • Enable Vacation Pay: Checking this box will enable vacation pay for the selected employee.
  • Expense Account: Select the expense account you want the vacation pay to be paid with.
  • Accrual Account: Select an account for the vacation pay to accrue into.

Rate at Which Earned:

  • # Days per Year: Enter the number of days of vacation time the employee earns each year.
  • Use Overtime Hours as Well: Checking this box will count overtime hours as well as regular time hours.

Current Vacation Earned: This field will display the current vacation time that the employee has earned.

The same fields apply to Sick time. The only difference is they are for Sick Time instead of Vacation Time.


Advance Information:

  • Current Balance: Displays the current balance of employee advances.
  • Receivable Account: Select an account to set as the receivable account.
  • Last Repayment Date: Displays the last repayment date.
  • Last Advance D ate: Displays the last advance date.

Repayment Plan:

  • Amount per Pay Period: Enter an amount to be repaid per pay period.
  • Estimated Payoff Date: Displays the estimated payoff date.
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