Main Menu | Setup | Security Setup

  • Add: Adds a new item for which you want to designate security rights.
  • Delete: Removes an item from the security setup.
  • Administrator: Administrators have rights to all areas of Cyrious.
  • Standard: Typically includes your store crew. Depending on their job, you can issue different security levels to each employee.
  • Owner/Manager: Owner/Managers typically have rights to all areas, although it is unusual for the entire group to have Quick Reports and setup rights.
  • Sales: Salespersons typically only have access to Marketing, Payment Entry, and Production areas.
  • Advanced User: Advanced users tend to be salespersons that also enter company information.
  • Guest: Guests have limited access and cannot access Payment Entry.
  • Production: Your production staff will have varying security rights, but all should be able to access the Production home page and none of them should have access to Marketing or Payment Entry.

Special Actions Toolbar Functions

  • Close - Closes the Security Setup window.
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