WAPIC (Coelacanth) must be able to communicate with CHAPI. It does so by using a connection string specified within the Coelacanth.ServiceHost.exe.config file. It this string is incorrect the API will fail to communicate with CHAPI and ultimately prevent you from being authorized to submit HTTP calls to the API. When doing an installation via the MSI the connection strings are setup automatically however if you do a manual installation you will need to specify the proper settings for this string.

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\COELACANTH\ folder.
  2. Edit the Coelacanth.ServiceHost.exe.config file with notepad.
  3. Verify the connection string is valid for CHAPI.
    • If CHAPI and the API was installed on the same server you may use, otherwise it is recommended to use the computer name or DNS where you have CHAPI installed.
  4. It is important to verify that you have the port correct for CHAPI, the default is 12556 however it is possible to manually change this port. If you have done so you must ensure that this change in port is also reflected in the connection strings above.
  5. The port for the API is 5321 by default, if this has changed you must also correct this in the connection string.

Contributor: Brandon R., Cyrious

Date: 8/8/2013

Version: Control 5.1

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