The COELACANTH service must be running at all times in order for the API to be accessible for querying.

  • Control 5.1 must be installed and functioning.
  • CHAPI must be installed and functioning.
  • .NET 4.5 must be installed.


  • Copy the latest files for WAPIC (Coelacanth) from G:\RunImage\Control 5.1\WAPIC\.
  • Create a folder named COELACANTH in C:\Program Files (x86)\.
  • Adjust the permissions to allow full control for all users.
  • Open Control Panel
  • Administrative Tools
  • Services
  • Locate Coelacanth.ServiceHost_5321
  • Right-click and choose Start to start the service.

Contributor: Brandon R., Cyrious

Date: 8/5/2013

Version: Control 5.1

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