*Note: This feature is available in versions 04.50.1103.2201 and later.

The fulfillment feature enhances Cyrious Control's use in the printing, screen-print, ADA, and membrane switch industries. Due to the high setup time/cost associated with some production in these industries, it is often more economical to print/create a large number of a product at one time and store it until it is needed.

For example, assume Cyrious wanted to order a beautiful 4-color business card with a gold border. This could require as many as 5 separate screens, printing passes, etc. Cyrious might order 20,000 shells that are done at one time so they could be printed with one setup. Then, when Cyrious needed business cards for an individual, the printer would pull from this stock and print the individuals name (probably in black). This would achieve the economies of scale for the complex part with just-in-time customization for each order. In another case, a screen printer might just desire to pre-print in bulk because they are assured of order and to store them until needed, etc.

Control has the ability to track inventory for parts, but each “shell” in the above example needs to be its own unique part. The lack of the ability to add parts on-the-fly makes the system difficulty to use in these situations. The purpose of this feature set would be to enhance the capabilities of Control for these areas.

The two major new features included as a part of satisfying this fulfillment area are:

· Adding the ability to add a part on-the-fly from Order Entry. This is referred to as “In-Order Part Creation”.

· Adding the ability for an order to know to ADD to inventory instead of pull from it. This is referred to as “Producing for Inventory”.

See fulfillment_details for more information.

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