Updated: 2009-09-16

Version: Control 4.4

Table Purpose, Usage, and Notes

This table is the header record for an account in Control. Accounts make up the following types of objects:

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Vendors
  • Personal Records

Information on Table Data

  • ClassTypeIDs Stored in Table:
    • 2000 - Customer, Prospect, or Vendor

Table Structure

~ Table.FieldName ~ Data Type ~ Description ~ Links To
Account.AccountingContactID int Link to Accounting Contact sql_structure_-_accountcontact_table.ID
Account.AccountNumber int Assigned Account Number
Account.BillingAddressID int Links to the Primary Billing Address for the company sql_structure_-_address_table.ID
Account.ClassTypeID int Identifier for the Type of Object
Account.CompanyName nvarchar(50) Company's Name
Account.CreditApprovalDate datetime Date company was approved for credit
Account.CreditBalance decimal(18, 4) Current Credit Balance
Account.CreditLimit decimal(18, 4) Current Credit Limit
Account.CreditNumber nvarchar(25) Internal Credit Number
Account.DateCreated datetime Date Company was added (manually)
Account.DateImported datetime Date Company was imported (automatic)
Account.DefaultPaymentExpDate datetime deprecated
Account.DefaultPaymentNameOnCard nvarchar(25) deprecated
Account.DefaultPaymentTrackingNumber nvarchar(25) deprecated
Account.DefaultPaymentTypeID int deprecated
Account.DefaultShipMethodID int Link to Default Shipping Method sql_structure_-_element_table.ID (always classtypeid 6130)
Account.Department nvarchar(25) Additional field to specify sub group within a company (i.e. Parts Department)
Account.DiscountLevel float % to adjust subtotal by (can be a discount or a price increase)
Account.DivisionID int Store's Division which a customer is primarily associated with (if using more than one) sql_structure_-_employeegroup_table.ID
Account.Flags text Pop up text for whenever a company is edited or used
Account.HasCreditAccount bit Yes/No if a customer has a credit account
Account.HasServiceContract bit Yes/No if a customer has a service contract
Account.ID int Primary Key for the Table sql_structure_-_transheader_table.AccountID
SQL Structure - PartConsumptionJournal Table.AccountID
SQL Structure - TransHeaderHistory Table.AccountID
SQL Structure - PartGL Table.VendorID
Account.ImportBatch nvarchar(15) Batch number from SMS Import
Account.IndustryID int Link to Marketing Industry sql_structure_-_marketinglistitem_table.ID
Account.Is1099Vendor bit Yes/No if vendor is a 1099 vendor
Account.IsActive bit Yes/No if company is active
Account.IsClient bit Yes/No if customer has had at least one order created
Account.IsFullyTaxExempt bit Yes/No if Tax Exempt is selected
Account.IsPersonal bit Yes/No if company is a personal contact
Account.IsProspect bit Yes/No if customer has not had any orders made yet ustomers cannot be both prospects and vendors)
Account.IsSystem bit Yes/No if company is part of system data
Account.IsVendor bit Yes/No if company is a vendor
Account.Keywords text
Account.MainFaxNumberID int Link to Main Fax Number sql_structure_-_phonenumber_table.ID
Account.MainPhoneNumberID int Link to Main Phone Number sql_structure_-_phonenumber_table.ID
Account.Marketing3ID int sql_structure_-_marketinglistitem_table.ID
Account.ModifiedByComputer nvarchar(25) HostName of computer that last modified this record
Account.ModifiedByUser nvarchar(25) Windows username that last modified this record
Account.ModifiedDate datetime date/time of the last modification to this record
Account.MyAccountNumber varchar(50) Stores Account Number with a vendor
Account.Notes text Written notes (Speed Notes can fill this field)
Account.OriginID int Link to Marketing Origin sql_structure_-_marketinglistitem_table.ID
Account.ParentID int Link to Parent Company if company is designated as a subsidiary sql_structure_-_account_table.ID
Account.PaymentTermsID int Link to Payment Terms sql_structure_-_paymentterms_table.ID
Account.PONumber varchar(25) Standing PO Number for company
Account.PONumberRequired bit Yes/No on whether a PO Number is required when saving orders for this company
Account.PricingLevel float Percentage amount of Pricing Level change (this can be positive or negative)
Account.PricingLevelID int Link to Default Pricing Level for Estimates and Orders sql_structure_-_pricinglevel_table.ID
Account.PricingPlanTypeID int Link to the Pricing Plan for this company sql_structure_-_pricingplan_table.ID
Account.PrimaryContactID int Link to Primary Contact sql_structure_-_accountcontact_table.ID
Account.PrimaryNumber varchar(75) Formatted Primary Phone Number
Account.PriNumberTypeID int Link to Primary Phone Number type (Phone,Fax,Cell) sql_structure_-_element_table.ID
Account.PriNumberTypeText varchar(50) Name of the primary phone number type
Account.PromotionID int Link to an existing promotion that will sql_structure_-_promotion_table.ID
Account.RegionID int Link to Marketing Region SQL Structure - MarketingListItem.ID
Account.SalesPersonID1 int Link to Primary Salesperson sql_structure_-_employee_table.ID
Account.SalesPersonID2 int Link to Second Salesperson sql_structure_-_employee_table.ID
Account.SalesPersonID3 int Link to Third Salesperson sql_structure_-_employee_table.ID
Account.SecNumberTypeID int Link to Secondary Phone Number type (Phone,Fax,Cell) sql_structure_-_element_table.ID
Account.SecNumberTypeText varchar(50) Name of the secondary phone number type
Account.SecondaryNumber varchar(75) Formatted Secondary Phone Number
Account.SeqID int Value Indicating the number of updates to the record
Account.ServiceContractExpDate datetime Date/Time of Service Contract Expiration
Account.ServiceContractNotes text Additional Notes on Service Contract
Account.ServiceContractStartDate datetime Date/Time Service Contract begins
Account.ServiceContractTypeID int Link to Service Contract record sql_structure_-_servicecontracttype_table.ID
Account.ShippingAddressID int Link to Shipping address sql_structure_-_address_table.ID
Account.StoreID int Pre-4.2? linked to sql_structure_-_store_table.ID, now deprecated
Account.StageID int New in 4.4. Links to the Company Stage sql_structure_-_element_table.ID (where ClassTypeID xxxxxx)
Account.TaxClassID int Link to a tax class record sql_structure_-_taxclass_table.ID
Account.TaxExempt bit Yes/No Company is Tax Exempt
Account.TaxExemptExpDate datetime Date/Time of Tax Exempt Expiration
Account.TaxNumber nvarchar(25) Tax Number
Account.TaxNumberExpDate datetime Date/Time of Tax Number Expiration
Account.ThirdNumber varchar(75) Formatted Third Phone Number
Account.ThirdNumberTypeID int Link to Third Phone Number type (Phone,Fax,Cell) sql_structure_-_element_table.ID
Account.ThirdNumberTypeText varchar(50) Name of the third phone number type
Account.UseTaxLookup bit Yes/No Lookup Tax
Account.VendorCreditBalance float Value of current credit balance with vendor
Account.VendorPaymentTermsID int Link to the AP Payment Terms for vendor sql_structure_-_paymentterms_table.ID
Account.WebAddress nvarchar(50) Website address for company

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